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    EIFS offer many advantages over other types of cladding systems. From an architectural perspective, EIFS offer the ability to replicate almost any architectural style or finish material, coming in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. EIFS are low cost and lightweight, providing an economical cladding system and the potential for reduced structure costs


    A conventional stucco system with a "textured" finish is the most cost effective stucco system you can get. It typically consists of two layers of building paper, metal lathe, fiber reinforced cement based scratch/brown coat, acrylic primer and finish coat.


    Stone veneer is a great addition for your home or commercial building. There are many shapes, designs and colours of stone available so no matter what the main colour of your exterior is you will be able to find the right stone and mortar colour to give you the perfect accent.


    If your old stucco is still standing strong most of the time all it needs is to be refreshed. It is surprising how new and clean it can look again after being properly cleaned and then painted. We use the right paints that allow the stucco underneath to breathe properly so you still get the original performance with a fresh look. With millions of colours to choose from you can drastically change the look of your home or condominium for a fraction of the cost it would be to remove and re-install a new system.


    Stucco can get damaged from all kinds of things but no matter how bad it looks, it can always be fixed. From your parging falling off to a car bumping into the wall, it can be repaired. We first get a colour match of the stucco around the damaged area, then we build the stucco back up to match thickness and apply finish coat to the spot or whole wall to make it blend with existing walls.


    When the stucco system has been compromised sometimes it is impossible to repair and it is necessary to remove it and install a new system. We take care of removing the old system, repairing damaged sheathing and framing, and installing the new stucco system. During the process we document everything so you can use the data for insurance purposes or worst case, for legal cases. It also gives you piece of mind that any issues have been taken care of and repaired to your satisfaction before continuing.


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